About Terri

As a child, I loved German Chocolate cake. My mother used to make cakes for us all the time. I always wanted German Chocolate cake. I guess she got tired of me bugging her all the time so she began teaching me how to bake. This was the beginning of my love of baking.

Over the years, I baked cookies and cakes for friends and family. One of my friends suggested that I start selling my baked goods. I started creating cookie baskets to sell to make extra money for Christmas. I began getting requests for cookie baskets for other holidays. When Thanksgiving came around, the requests turned to cakes. My number one request was German Chocolate cake.

Since then, I have added many more desserts to my collection. People ask what dessert is most popular. It changes from month to month so it's hard to say.  Everyone has a favorite (or two) but German Chocolate is always number 1! I have been so very blessed that my passion for baking makes so many people happy.