I've never thought I would be importing desserts, but when you want the best you do what you have to do. Terri's German Chocolate Cake is a Smith Holiday Tradition, the meal wouldn't be complete without it.
Rod Smith -Denver Broncos

Terri made a peach cobbler and a Red Velvet cake for my Libra party. Her idea was perfect for the party! She put the peach cobbler and the Red Velvet cake in champagne glasses. It was a hit! Not only did it taste so dayum good, family was smugglin them out in their jackets! Terri's passion for baking shines in every dessert she creates. Her personal touch makes every occasion special. Thank you!
Denisha Walker, Antelope, CA

The sweetness in Terri's desserts are my weakness. There isn't a cookie, cupcake or cobbler Terri makes that I don't crave.
Nathan Eshe - Sacramento, CA

Thank you, Terri, for the wonderful baskets. The snickerdoodles were fantastic. My dad did not want to share. I cannot leave out your German Chocolate Cake! Wow!
Mechelle S. - Sacramento, CA

Try the Lemon Pound Cake, it will melt in your mouth! Brenda Whiteside Your German Chocolate Cake is the best that I have EVER tasted!
Barry Arnold - Queen Creek, AZ

Your Peach Cobbler Cheesecake is so delisous it is addictive!
Jackie Arnold - Queen Creek, AZ

I bought one of Terri's beautifully decorated Valentine's Day sugar cookies for my husband. He absolutely loved it! He was giggling and making mmmmmmmm sounds like a little kid...and he's usually very stoic. When I marveled at his reaction, he smiled and said "it tastes like my childhood". Being a mid-western boy he had a wonderful childhood blessed with many delicious home baked goodies made from scratch the old fashioned way...so that was really saying something. After he gobbled up every crumb of the cookie he looked at me with a hopeful "Tom Thumb" kind of face and said "may I have another please?" It broke my heart to have to say "sorry Hon, that's the only one" The light left his face...he looked so sad! Needless to say, the next holiday that comes along I will be buying at least a dozen of Terri's delectable sugar gems so I can avoid seeing that sad look on my husband's sweet face ever again.
Karen Abbott, Auburn CA

For Valentine’s Day I wanted to do something special for my staff and other co-workers so I ordered some heart shaped sugar cookies from Terri. I asked Terri to put a cross, a heart and a “u” on the cookies, which translated to “Jesus loves you”. Terri came through and I was able to seize an opportunity to share the love of Jesus on Valentine’s Day. One co-worker said that sugar cookies were his favorite and that the one I gave him was really good.
Patricia S. Jones - Sacramento, CA

The delights you create in your kitchen strongly suggests you captured a genie in a bottle, your productions are always magic for the taste buds. And we thank you!
The Moore's - Sacramento, CA

I have been a fan of Terri Does Desserts for several years. I really love the variety of cakes, cookies and pies, and everything is made fresh right before it is delivered to me. I recommend it to everyone.
Denise Mack - Sacramento, CA

The cinnamon rolls are like “little palates of heaven.”
Monet Erby - Antelope, CA

This year, I had 30 family members over for Christmas dinner. I only ordered one of your famous red velvet cakes thinking that with all of the other desserts we'd have, there would be plenty to go around. Well, needless to say, by the end of the evening, there was plently left of all the other desserts, but not one single crumb of Miss Terri's Red Velvet cake! Me nor my husband got to even taste one single bite! My relatives from out of town said they'd had a lot of red velvet cakes before but nothing that compared to yours! Next Christmas remind to order 2-3 red velvet cakes, okay?
Christina Van Dunk - West Sacramento, CA